The Raiders : How the raiders hat is creased off center or what some like to call "the Turn."

Green line = True Center of a Hat     Red line = is how the Raiders hat is creased

The Crusader - In Indy’s third adventure, some of the trademark look of the Raiders hat is back, with the hats we see in the film generally looking a bit taller and boxier than those in Temple of Doom.  

    And though the hats in Last Crusade were most certainly built off the same blocks as the hats in Temple of Doom, the hat often has an unmistakable “cowboy curl” to further differentiate it from both the Raiders and Temple of  Doom fedoras. 

    The bow design also changed a bit in Temple of Doom andwas retained in this hat.  


The Train - While similar in many respects to the dark gray hat Indy wears in Raiders as he boards the seaplane, this hat has a lighter felt color called granite.  And unlike the main hero hat worn by Ford throughout Crystal Skull, Indy's train travel fedora features a slightly taller crown, and a slightly wider brim.  With this snappy looking fedora, you'll be ready to climb aboard and travel to any far off location or simply head downtown for an adventure closer to home.  

The Raider - The silhouette is unmistakable.  When Indiana Jones first comes on screen in Raiders of the Lost Ark, his hat is as much a part of his character as is the scar on Harrison Ford’s chin.  The Raiders hat is the most unique, and for many fans, the best.
 To begin with, it has a very tall, boxy crown, and a rather large brim.  But what really sets it apart from its successors is the very tight front pinch, and the a-symmetrical, dimensionally cut brim, which creates the characteristic “turn” that is not found in any of the other three movie hats. 
      To accurately reproduce this I was able to acquire a hand cut hat from Rich Swales the actual hat maker for Raiders of the Lost Arc. Because this hat is the most popular of all the Indy hats, it is therefore the most scrutinized.  Thus, I have developed two distinct blocks: one for beaver felt fedoras, and one for rabbit felt fedoras (though the ribbon comes from the same manufacturer and has the same bow design).  This is to ensure that regardless of which felt you choose, you can be confident that your hat will resemble the hats seen in the film as much as possible. 
    This hat is rugged, stylish, and full of character.  It can be worn along with your most durable hiking and adventuring gear, but also naturally complements a nice suit of tweed for your day at work, be it teaching at the University or simply heading to the office. 

    I use special thread to sew on all the parts. This thread is so tough that you can not break it with your hands, so it will certainly survive being dragged under a truck if you happen to find yourself in that particular situation.  

The Temple - In the only prequel to Raiders, Indy’s fedora is quite different.  No longer do we see the tall, boxy crown, and gone is the turn.  

     Instead, Indy’s signature costume piece features a slightly smaller brim, and the crown, ever so much shorter, also features a very slight, yet noticeable taper.  Additionally, the front pinch is now much looser, and would stay so through the franchises next two sequels.

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All handmade/custom Indy hats are either.....

$550.00 for pure beaver or $400.00 for pure rabbit. New Portuguese Beaver for $850.00 (not including shipping cost). All hats come with a Penman hat co. hat box. 


The Skull - Nearly twenty years had passed between Indy’s third and fourth adventures, and one of the questions on every fan’s mind was, “How will the hat look?”  When the first few photos from the set began to appear, we were all assured that Indy’s hat was going to look better than ever.  Though still lacking the Raiders turn, the hat was undoubtedly an homage to the beautiful and rugged fedora we all fell in love with from the first film.
     Like the Raiders hat, this beautiful and rugged beaver felt fedora was again tall and boxy, but retained the loose front pinch from the Last Crusade hat to maintain a sense of continuity.  Indy’s hat hadn’t looked this good since Marion pulled it off Indy’s head aboard the “Bantu Wind.”  Now, you too can wear a fedora identical in every detail to the one worn so well by our favorite globe-trotting adventurer as you set off to follow in his footsteps or simply blaze a trail of your own!