Step 1 = After looking over the web site and making your choice, you will need  to have someone take your measurements. I have made a short video on how to do this. Please go to the page "how to measure" and follow the video instructions.

Step 2 = Now that you have your measurements, fill out the order form that I will e-mail you. If you are not sure about filling out the order form or have any questions at any time please contact me either by e-mail or by phone 971-246-1832.

Step 3 = After submitting your order form you will be re-directed to the home page. It can take up to a day or two to receive a confirmation e-mail. This can be due to me reviewing your order form. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after 2 days please contact me at or you can call me at 971-246-1832.

Step 4 = After your confirmation e-mail is sent, you will be put on a waiting list.

Step 5 = I will send you either a paypal bill or a e-mail bill. Orders must be paid in full at this time.

Step 6 = I will send out to you a paper tape measure and a paper crown built from the measurements that were received from the order form. Please go to the page "how to measure" and follow the video instructions.

Step 7 = When you receive the paper crown try it on. If for some reason it doesn't fit, take the paper tape measure that I sent with it and make it into a crown. Then send it back to me at:

Penman Hats

205 SE 3rd. ave. suite 500

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

Step 8 = This is the tough part of the process. Penman hats are all hand made by me and are in high demand. I have a waiting list that is long. My current estimated wait time is around 7-8 months ( if I have all materials in stock). My best advice would be to make note of when you placed your order. I thank you now for your patience. If you gain or lose 15lbs. or more, or please contact me a month before your due date. If you move during your wait time or any of your contact information changes please contact me.

Step 9 =  When your hat is finished I will contact you to confirm your address one last time. I will not ship your hat without the confirmation. All hats are insured and someone will need to sign for the package. This is to ensure your hat will get to you safely. I will also send you a tracking number. If the package gets returned to me because no one was home to sign for it. You will have to pay the additional shipping charge.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at either info@penman or 971-246-1832

Step 10 = when you receive your package, carefully open the box. Do not cut deep into the center of the flaps. You can slice the Penman hat box that your hat is shipped with. If anything is off in your order contact me right away. or 971-246-1832. DO NOT alter the hat in any way. 

The Penman promise = If you are not completely happy with your hat because of an error on my part, I will re-work or re-place your hat. If a re-fund is requested I will re-fund your money, minus shipping and restock fee.

This does NOT mean you can return a hat that you wore, you sweated in, or after some time decide you just don't like it anymore. You must contact me right away and the hat must not be altered in any way. 

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