Everyman Hats - is my production/factory made hat offering. This line is to provide the same styles of hats that I make by hand but without the wait. As this line of hats grows so will the styles and color options. I wanted to start with the hat that launched me into hat making. 

Everyman Indy - This a blend of rabbit/beaver (80%/20%) using the same ribbon used on my handmade Indy offerings. The same you see on film. Leather sweatband and plain white satin liner. This hat was mainly designed to replicate the Raiders of the Lost Arc hat but I can crease these hats to get a good look out of all 4 movie hats. Adventure awaits no longer.

Rabbit/Beaver - not available at the moment
Does not include shipping

  These hats can be creased by me to any of the 4 movies free of charge or left open crown. If you made a mistake on your measurements. There is a $50.00 re-stock fee plus shipping cost to exchange for a replacement/new one.

The Raiders : How the raiders hat is creased off center or what some like to call "the Turn."

Green line = True Center of a Hat     Red line = is how the Raiders hat is creased

Everyman Non Indy styles

 Starting the Everyman line with a classic Granite grey with 1 3/4 inch black grosgrain ribbon. This hat is a 50/50 blend Beaver/rabbit and can be creased in the classic 4 point diamond, the porkpie and teardrop. Other colors and styles will be added to this line at a future date.

These hats are priced at $250.00 not including shipping. If you make a mistake on your measurements, there is a $50.00 re-stock fee plus shipping cost for an exchange for a replacement/new one.

Everyman INDY - Temperary Unavailble