My love of fedora style hats dates back to the early 70s when I “inherited” my grandfather’s gardening hat – a Stetson Open Road.  Living in the Pacific Northwest I needed some cover from the rain and the Stetson became my constant companion on Boy Scout camping trips and outdoor adventures.   Raiders of the Lost Ark validated, and rekindled my love of fedoras in the early 80s.  I searched for nearly 3 decades for a fedora that had that “look” and could become as much a part of me as that old Stetson was.  Although I picked up many “almost” hats along the way, none of them were “it.”  My long search ended in 2009 when I found John Penman and ordered the first of many hats I’ve received from him. 
   Here, at last, was a hat that not only looked the part right out of the box, it fit my head like it had always belonged there, could handle everything I could throw at it and look better for it.  After three years of being worn in the snow and rain, baked in the central California sun, rolled up and packed in a carryon bag, shoved under airplane seats, squashed and crushed by a folding car seat, grabbed and pulled by my grandkids and blasted in a couple of dust storms, I brush it off, straighten it out and it looks better than it did when it first arrived three years ago. It’s as much a part of me and my personality as my grandfather’s hat was 40 years ago. 
  I now own several of John’s masterpieces – any of which can fill the shoes of that old Open Road that still occupies a place of honor in my closet.  The quality of John’s workmanship and the materials he uses, his attention to detail, and his extraordinary customer service have brought me back many times, and will likely do so for many years to come.

Don Oldaker
Bakersfield, California

            Ever since I was a young boy watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, I have loved fedoras.  Now, thanks to John Penman, I own a number of them, each one nicer than the last (and the first one is pretty darn nice!).  What can I say?  I'm an addict and John just keeps me coming back for more.  His work is absolutely the best, his customer service knows no rival, and his innovation and care for the art of hat-making is inspiring.  I cherish each and every Penman hat I own, and every time one finally gets to my door step, I start planning out the next two.  Be careful, if you're considering placing an order (and I hope you are!), start saving for the next, and the next, and the next, because his hats are just too exquisite for you to own only one.  I won't tell you how many I already own, but be sure that as long as John is in the business of making custom-made hats, he can count on me to be placing orders.  Thank you, John, for ensuring that I'm always the best dressed guy wherever I go.  Keep up the good work! 

Daren Henry Wilkerson, 
Castro Valley, Ca

    John Penman is the only hatter in the world I'd trust to make my wedding hat. I wanted something unique and special; John delivered. He truly made a hat special enough for the occasion. The pounce is the absolute best on any hat I have ever owned and I've owned quite a few. The stitching is superb and the end result is a superior hat that feels as luxurious as it looks. His customer service is as outstanding as his hats are. John has my subscription to his hat company and has gained a customer for life.

David Ulloa, 
Miami, Florida

     "Most hats complete your look. A Penman hat is your look. Whether you need a lid for the Amazon jungle or the concrete jungle, you can't go wrong with a Penman." Handmade for the Hard boiled

      Thank you John for a wonderful hat, I just love it. It's so light, comfortable and has such a vintage look to it.  Even the hat box that comes with the hat is top notch. Thanks again, John. 


     I was looking to buy a nice "Last Crusade styled hat" of good quality. I called John, as his handmade version was my first choice. However, there would have been a "wait time" for the hat to be made and I needed it 'now' for Comic Con. So John recommended the 'AB Henry,' which he could bash "LC style." John was so helpful, informative and caring; he bashed and delivered my 'Henry' in less than a week! I absolutely love my 'Henry,' but my next hat will be, without a doubt, a handmade Penman. John runs a top-notch business and truly cares about his hats and his customer's satisfaction.

San Diego, Ca

     I chose my Penman hat after a long search for the perfect Raiders hat. I couldn't have chosen better. Its style, finish and details are beyond any expectation. Penman hats are pieces of art.

Rome, Italy

     I have owned and ultimately been disappointed with numerous Indy style fedoras.  There is no question that my Penman though is the real deal in terms of both accuracy and construction.  These hats are second to none.  John's passion and gift for hat making are evident by his work.  Ribbon, pouncing, sweat band, you name it, there is not a single area John does not excel in.  With John's customer service, when you order a Penman, not only do you come away with a hat, but a friendship with a true craftsman.  I am now the proud owner of several Penmans and I will surely be back for more.

Portland Oregon

     I had heard and read so many good things about John's hats that once I placed my order, I actually lowered my expectations just so I wouldn't be disappointed. What a mistake! John's Last Crusade hat far exceeded my expectations and was perfect in every way...looking equally good with adventure gear or a three-piece suit. To top it off, John's customer service could not be improved upon. He was always just an email or a phone call away. Thanks a million for a great hat!
     I had heard really great things about the hats John Penman makes and placed my order with very high expectations.  John's accessibility and overall customer service was excellent. I was NOT disappointed: quality of the beaver felt, the artistry of the ribbon and the overall craftsmanship of the finished product speaks volumes about the skill  of this young hat maker. I'm not kidding when I say you owe it to yourself to own one of his fine hats.    

Fox Lidstone
Nova Scotia, Canada

    "I can't fault this hat, perfect fit, the felt is gorgeous-warm rich brown........... simply one of the nicest hats."

       Wow! Is that soft! I was unprepared for how buttery soft the feel of the felt is. I want to thank John yet again for making mea terrific Raiders fedora! It's exactly what I wanted and pictured  on my head. It's perfect in every way.



      I received my Penman yesterday and I am extremely pleased with it. It's a gorgeous rich brown color. If you have a Penman coming to you, you will not be disappointed.

Clark Oliver
Baltimore, Maryland

       I've had my Penman for a week now and I've looked it over very carefully to see if I could find anything that wasn't just perfect. I've checked the stitching, liner, sweatband, imprint, etc. Everything about it is absolutely spot on. Excellent craftsmanship. Everyone who seen it has loved it. I'm going to enjoy this hat for a long time. Thanks John. It's the finest hat I ever owned.

Paducah, KY