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Penman hat feathers  

$35.00.  each plus shipping.

As a frequent buyer of hats, I was always frustrated at the lack in availability of hat care and storage products.  I have sought to remedy this by offering a full line of high quality hat accessories at reasonable prices all in one location.

Hat Brushes - My hat brushes are made in Germany of real beech wood handles with boar hair bristles. I offer both light and dark brushes $35.00

Hat Boxes - I searched far and wide for a hat box offering with quality enough to match my hats.  These are by far the very best hat boxes I have ever seen.  They are not merely cardboard covered by tape, but heavy duty chipboard, finished with either a leather like or bengaline fabric covering, hand-made by a long-running family owned business, with whom I am happy to have a business relationship. I was relieved to find in them another company with a penchant for strong construction details. 

 Boxes are  16" W x 8" H $70.00

Hat Stands - My stands are custom designed between myself and my woodworker.  The unique design allows your hat to sit at an angle or flat depending on the top crease. All are hand crafted using Black Walnut. Not available at the moment

Does not include shipping costs.