After submitting your order, the form will clear out for the next customer. I then will review your order and send you a printable  paper crown to double check your measurements. I will send you a confirmation e-mail. If you don't receive that e-mail by the next day or 2 please contact me at  

Please do not send me money by paypal. I will send you a bill.

     By submitting this order form the customer has the understanding that I will do everything possible to double check their measurements but ultimately they are responsible for getting me accurate measurements.

Canceling of a order will result in a $100 restock fee for all new hat orders.

The Penman promise = If you are not completely happy with your hat because of an error on my part, I will re-work or re-place your hat. If a re-fund is requested I will re-fund your money, minus shipping and restock fee.

This does NOT mean you can return a hat that you wore, you sweated in, or after some time decide you just don't like it anymore. You must contact me right away and the hat must not be altered in any way. 

If you select PayPal as a way of being billed. Please make sure you provide a e-mail in which you want to be billed and will be paying for. E-mail and Name on this order form should match the PayPal account. If it doesn't it will not be matched up with the order and it will delay you receiving your product.

I am NOT responsible for shipping delays due to Customs in your country.

By submitting this order form you agree to all the above, Thank you.