The Casablanca - You fell in love with the movie just like I fell in love with the hat. No one looked better in a fedora than Bogart. He simply put the hat on his head and cocked to the side.

Beaver felt $600.00
Rabbit felt $450.00. Limited stock 

Bound edge $75.00

The Grimes - Running from Walkers, Fighting the Living or just a day out looking for suplies. This rugged Western hat will give you the protection you need.

Rabbit Felt $450.00 (badge not included)

The Blacklist - I had the great privilege to make hats for the hit NBC TV Show The Blacklist, staring James Spader. The Character Red Reddington brings style back to TV, topped of with his signature fedora. Multiple colors were made for the show of this hat. This hat can be made for you in any of the colors that are available from Penman hats.

Beaver felt $600.00

Portuguese Beaver felt $700.00

The Tracy - Dick Tracy was one of my favorite comic strips and I really liked the hat in the Warren Beatty movie. I just had to make this hat. using the same felt used for the movie. here's my Dick Tracy hat in its full color.

Rabbit felt $400.00 limited stock 

The Man With No Name - Sergio Leone redefined the American West with his Man with No Name trilogy starring Clint Eastwood. Walking tall with his cigar, Poncho and six shooter. The Man with No Name is rarely seen without his classic Western-style hat, complete with pork-pie crease, thin leather band, and large brim, finished with a pencil curl and bounde edge. Hat offered in western weight rabbit felt.

Rabbit felt  $500.00

The "Spirit of Barney" - My friend Barney was the closest thing I would ever know to a father in life. Barney was a big fan of the Spirit comic by Will Eisner and often wore many different style hats. I crafted this movie version Spirit -like style in his memory.

Beaver felt $550.00
Rabbit felt $400.00 limited stock

The Spirit - Since The Spirit by Will Eisner is one of my all time favorite comic books, I just had to make this hat in it's original royal blue color. It's finished off with a vintage navy ribbon.

Limited Edition rabbit felt $400.00. Not available 

the Joseph - If you are a Stardust Crusader, or night on the town. the Joseph with its warm colors will be the hat for you.

beaver felt $550 

The Heisenberg - This 100% rabbit black pork pie worn by Bryan Cranston as Walter White when he took on the persona of Heisenberg made Breaking Bad the show we all got hooked on.

Rabbit felt $450.00. Limited stock

The Watchmen - As one of my all time favorite graphic novels, and now one of my favorite movies, it was not hard deciding to replicate this hat based off of the character Rorschach's hat as seen in the movie. This hat features the same felt as seen in the screen used version.

Beaver felt $525.00
Rabbit felt $400.00 limited stock 

Leverage/Kane - I had the pleasure to make a hat for the hit TNT show Leverage (worn by Christian Kane). From season 4 episode called "the Boiler Room Job" with it's moderate crown and large brim you are ready to go even if it takes you to the jungles of Ecuador.

Beaver felt $600.00