1- How long does it take for you to make a hat? It take 6-8 hours of labor over a 2 and a half week period.

2- Why does it take so long? All my hats are truly made by hand and only by me. There is no automation when it comes to a Penman hat. No electric blocking press, No ironing machine, No pouncer (used for sanding), and no sewing machine. 

3- Why is the wait so long? I make 20-30 hats a month. for every month you have to wait, there are 20-30 people in front of you waiting in line.

4- What if I need or want my hat sooner? I just launched my production/factory line of hats called 
the Everyman. I keep most sizes in stock and can ship the day after I receive payment.

  I'm still working on this page and I will add more soon. thank you.