The Eno - features a moderate-sized crown with a slightly smaller brim, which makes it an excellent complement to a snazzy suit, perfect for an evening of jazz or blues at a swinging downtown nightclub.  

    I named this hat after a dear friend of mine.  I feel that this is a style that would have suited him quite well.

Beaver felt $525.00
Rabbit felt  $375.00 limited stock

The Eddie - is a modern, sharp-looking alternative to the larger brimmed fedoras of the classic period.  Featuring a smaller crown and very contemporary “stingy” brim, this hat will keep you looking hip, all the while setting you apart for its high quality and hand-crafted finish.  I’m confident that my step-father would have agreed, whose name I give to this beautiful hat, and whose grandson wears the first one I ever made.

Beaver felt $525.00
Rabbit felt $375.00 limited stock

The Penman (6 point diamond crease) - Want a hat that you can wear all day,
from the office to the train, around the house, or at the bar? “the Penman” is the answer.          

    Featuring a mo derate-sized crown and brim, and a classic, American style, six-point-diamond crease, this hat perfectly accentuates nearly any type of outfit or attire.  

   Soon it will come to feel like an old friend.  I named this hat “the Penman” simply because it is one of my all-time favorite style hats. Once you get yours, I’m sure you’ll agree.  

Beaver felt $550.00
Rabbit felt  $400.00 limited stock

The Conely  - This long hair finish is named afterMaster hatter and friend Alexander Conely III. Alexander helped me with my long hair technique that he mastered just like back in the early 1900's. 

Beaver felt $550.00

 Howard Hughes Fedora in Beaver: $675.00

   Filmmaker, Businessman, Aviator. Howard Hughes wore many hats throughout his life.  But the hat he wore the best was this beautiful whiskey colored fedora, which was on his head the very day he flew his famous H-4 Hercules, more popularly known as “The Spruce Goose.” 

    The Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, which now houses the H-4 Hercules, recently commissioned me to recreate this beautiful hat, now on permanent display inside of the aircraft for all the public to see. 

 Now you can own the same hat that I made for the "Spruce Goose"  replicating it in every detail. 

There are 2 types of ribbon I use:

   1st, true vintage ribbon-true vintage ribbon is hard to find and is in limited quantities. I'm always on the lookout for true vintage ribbon.

   2nd Vintage quality- ribbon made today but made exactly like vintage ribbon. There is only one place in this world that still makes ribbon like they used to. Same content, same way it was spun, and same material used. 

Homburg - This classic formal hat was worn by the finely dressed man back in the day. Today you can still have this unique hat with it's center dent and bold shackled bound brim.

Beaver felt $67500
Rabbit felt $525.00 limited stock

The Unipiper - this Beautiful pork pie hat, inspired by the turn-of-the-century was designed for Portland's own Brian Kidd, aka, "The Unipiper."

    It features a short brim and a rust-colored ribbon with complementary bound edge. The felt is a whiskey colored and is made of 100% rabbit. The knot of the bow is very distinctive with it's two-tone navy and rust design.

Beaver $675.00

For Official Unipiper merchandise go to his site

Howard Hughes H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose” 

The Marlo - features a classic “C-crown” style crease, and sports a moderate to large brim and crown, perfectly capturing that cinematic Film Noir look.  

    I decided to name this hat after my father-in-law, who was a huge fan of these films, especially those starring screen legend Humphrey Bogart. 

    This is a great looking hat—with or without your trench-coat and cigarettes.

Beaver felt $550.00
Rabbit felt $400.00 limited stock

Bound edge $75.00

Penman Milan - This full crown, moderate brim can be topped off with any of my vintage (striped or solid) ribbons. My milan straw can be made in any brim or crown height (just ask).

Not available until spring 2024

Milan Straw $450.00